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Tropical Storm

Hurricane Support

Free Weekly Support Program for Survivors of Ian

Coastal homeowners facing the rebuilding process after Hurricane Ian are invited to attend a series of free online support sessions beginning Thursday, October 13.

The weekly support sessions will feature practical action steps, resource referrals, and a Q&A
session led by 2-time hurricane survivor and coastal homeowner Shep Harmon, and a lineup of
additional guests and professionals.


Harmon is the founder of Peace of Mind Estate Organization, Inc., a company that provides comprehensive planning and preparedness consulting for the end of life and certain emergencies, including natural disasters.

Harmon and his wife, Sandie, rebuilt their St. Augustine home not just once, but twice, after Hurricanes Matthew and Irma made landfall in less than a year back to back. Through their sometimes harrowing experiences, the couple gained a lot of practical wisdom to share about the many aspects of post-hurricane life that sometimes go unaddressed in public arenas.

“Seeing the coverage of what’s happening with Hurricane Ian brings back so many memories of
what we went through,” reflects Harmon, “We had to do something for those affected. It’s just
the right thing to do in a situation such as this.”


But Harmon wants to make one thing clear about the weekly support program: “We are here to
just serve the victims in the aftermath of a tragedy with the weekly support program, no charge
whatsoever. This is a completely free program for anybody affected, and we are not going to
ask for a dime. This is the outreach program we wish we’d had when we were going through
this twice,” declared Harmon.

Request Free Access Here

We require this form to ensure only real humans (no spam bots) request access to our program. After registering, look for an email from us on Thursday mornings (Eastern Time) with your live link and a request for your questions.

Thanks for registering! Look for an email from us every Thursday morning with your link!

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