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First you plan your estate.
Then you prepare it.

Give the gift of Peace of Mind to your loved ones when they will need it most.


Our Estate Prep Lite online program makes it easy to gather and share the sentimental and practical details that will help your loved ones the most after you're gone. 

Not a will. Not insurance. Not a trust... Because there's so much more to life than financial and legal paperwork. 
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"Peace of Mind gets enthusiastic responses from senior professionals...

That’s evidence of how big and neglected the problem... is."

Harold Fethe

Corporate Executive

Estate Preparation Services

How It Works:
Our Proven Estate Preparation System


Recent Planning Advice

As a new client, you'll confirm that you've received qualified financial and legal advice as it pertains to your estate plans. (If you haven't, we can help you make easy arrangements.)


Intake + Assessment

Let's measure the personal and practical details of your life and start coordinating between planning professionals. We bring structure and empathy to this personal and private process.


Decide + Document

Make decisions, notate important details, and document everything. We'll help you "think of everything" and "put it on paper" for your surviving spouse, next of kin, executor, trustee, and/or others.


Store + Share

You'll be able to securely store your details and share with loved ones using the digital and offline methods of your choice, to achieve the goals of only the right person at the right time

Your heirs need you to prepare for more than probate... We can help.

If you passed away tomorrow, what would happen after your funeral?

Wills and trusts lay the groundwork for a legally sound estate management process. Planners, brokers, tax advisors, and agents position us for stronger financial outcomes.


But in the first days, weeks, and months without you, questions of all kinds and consequences will arise, such as:

  • How do we write an accurate obituary? Or notify the right people?

  • Where are the keys hidden for the safety deposit box?

  • Who has inherited access to all the various online accounts? 

  • What about the heirloom recipes, stories, and keepsakes?

Without estate preparation...

  • Some things they will figure out... eventually.

  • Some things they will guess... and get wrong.

  • Some things they will never know... but wish they did.

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"Peace of Mind is a great opportunity..."

"PEACE OF MIND is a great opportunity to start the important or difficult conversations, capture the pertinent important details and ensure easy access no matter where family members may be in the future!"

Matthew Spence

Funeral Director

What People Are Saying

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"5 stars!"

"Love everything about the platform and concept of keeping my family information safe, but accessible when I need it most. No one likes to deal with adjusters or attorneys, and this lets me keep things organized for any situation. 5 stars!"

Adam Schaffer

Google Review

Take 25% Off

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"You have a great program."

"I believe you have a great program and will be very successful expanding Peace of Mind to a very large user base. It is a great program and I applaud your efforts to expand and carry it forward. You have built a fine team."

Al LeBeau

Facebook Review

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"Security and... Specific Permission"

"The service Harmon sells from his office in World Golf Village allows people to store all of their personal documents, photos, videos or anything else that can be digitized on a personal secure cloud server.... What makes POM Vault unique from other cloud services is its security and the way the user can allow very specific permission for others to view certain files without divulging the entire cache."

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"Harmon turned his tragedy and loss into a big idea"

"Knowing how much his own [POMVault] helped put him at ease, Harmon began talking to friends and family about his “big idea.” The response was overwhelming. Enough people expressed interest that he decided to set up Peace of Mind Estate Organization... From there, he began assisting people with putting their own legacies in order."

The Peace of Mind Estate Organization, Inc.

319 W. Town Pl. Ste 21A

St. Augustine, FL 32256

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