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About Our Firm

A Unique Fee-Only Consultancy 

First you plan. Then you prepare.


As champions for a new profession we are unlike any other professional service provider. We privately assist you in the pivotal areas of estate preparation that remain outside the scope of traditional licensed professionals handling financial and legal matters.


The difference? We help you uphold your legacy and privacy while maintaining control over key areas of information transfer. We work diligently to ensure your final affairs are an elegant reflection of your character and stature. 

We complement estate planning professionals. We remain independent and dedicated to you: for your estate, legacy, and privacy.

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Our Leadership Team

Veteran owned. Woman led.

Executive Profiles


Mr. Shep Harmon

Chairman & Founder, The Peace of Mind Estate Organization, Inc.

Senior Estate Preparation Consultant

For 3 decades, Shep Harmon has inspired the confidence of investors and business owners in his sales roles with financial services firms. Today he educates, serves, and inspires as The Peace of Mind Estate Organization's Founder & first customer. Today he is the co-founder of a professional trade association and podcast co-host. 


Before Peace of Mind:

Shep is a Vietnam veteran. In the mid-1970s he acquired investment and insurance licenses and began a career in Financial services. In 1980 he became a Certified Financial Planner. As president of both an investment company and financial planning firm, he developed a passion for energy investments. Over the next few years Shep became a principal in investments in oil and gas, green energy, and real estate. In 1988 he joined a boutique private equity investment company. Over the next 20 years he helped the company grow to more than 2 1/2 billion dollars invested in offshore oil and gas drilling, green energy investments, and venture capital. Shep retired in 2007.


Ms. Kristy Dunn

Chief Executive Officer, Amtech Global Capital:

  • The Peace of Mind Estate Organization, Inc.

  • POMVault secure cloud technology

For 2+ decades, Kristy has led teams and managed technology to create growth for respected corporations and emerging companies, including consulting, financial services, and media brands. Today she is the Chief Executive Officer of Amtech Global Capital Corp., which operates The Peace of Mind Estate Organization, Inc., and its sister technology brand, POMVault.


As CEO, Kristy strategically drives the growth strategy, technology, and operations of the enterprise. She holds an MBA in Management and Strategy, a Bachelor's with focus areas in Business and Social Studies, and numerous professional and continuing education credits in the fields of marketing technology, data, and development. She is the co-founder of a professional trade association, active professional speaker and lecturer, and podcast co-host. 

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"I’m so glad I found Peace of Mind."

"After the death of a family member, I realized paperwork was the last thing I wanted to do while my family needed me... I’m so glad I found Peace of Mind. I uploaded all my papers and can access them at any time. I can also give other people access that I choose. I’d absolutely recommend."

Jessica Burns

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